'The Christening’ is a landscape of the heart. It is a rollicking great read about a girl, a guy, a baby and a Spitfire. It has love and hate, war and peace, betrayal and redemption, the hand of God ... and drinking Guinness. Based in Ireland during the Second World War, it’s a musical with action, drama, romance and magic. Appealing to a wide audience and age group, it’s like watching a Classic Movie that casts it’s spell over the wide panorama of your imagination. In a word ... “Unputdownable!”


It Captures beautifully the magic of what it is to really, truly, deeply love someone.


It's like watching a movie - I was hooked.  I can't wait to see it on the big screen.


I loved how the writer trusted my own imagination.  It was provocative - I felt compelled to read it all in one day.


What a voice - when I heard her singing to him at the market I knew there was going to be fireworks.


The Christening has a ring of innocence that is a refreshing break from all of the edgy tones that prevail these days

 Simon Moore

Hollywood screen writer, Emmy - Bafta and Humanitas award winner.

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